Graduates from the Course have a wide range of skills and are therefore suitable for many different working places. Read from some of our graduates about their positions:


Emelie (26 years) - NIRAS

My journey at NIRAS started with an internship the second last semester of my master. The Internship was then followed by a combination of thesis writing and a student employment position at Niras. After that, I was lucky that just when I was about to finish my thesis my co-supervisor at NIRAS, Morten Pedersen,  was planning to expand his business area of climate change and energy. My journey then continued on the same path as my studies on climate change. After almost six months I have had an amazing journey that has been quite different from what I have been doing during my studies.  

The business consultancy work on a project basis. That means that each project decides on what path we as consultants will work on during the project. This can be both exciting and challenging as well.  The studies from Copenhagen have given me the foundation and basic knowledge of the international climate change arena. My work has then given me the possibility to evolve in the consultancy business within climate change and energy projects. Further, I have been benefited to travel and talk to interesting people at e.g. the World Bank, UNDP and members of the CDM methodological panel. My projects have ranged from looking into EU regulation of waste of electronic and electrical equipment, waste management and policy (NAMA) development in Mozambique as well as analyzing how the Swedish government can provide climate finance to support the implementation of the Paris Agreement.   

My journey will continue at NIRAS. Moreover, NIRAS have also started to invest further in deepening and promote our field of consultancy work on Climate Change and Energy project. I will, therefore, be a part of a new commitment where Morten will lead NIRAS in a new unit that will work interdisciplinary across business units with exclusive international climate change and energy projects. I see myself lucky for being a part of this opportunity to work with projects related to my study field -a plus is that I work in a good company in the city I love - Copenhagen!   

Andreas (27 years) - DMI

After having written my MSc Thesis in collaboration with the Danish Meteorological Institute about the Impacts of Arctic sea ice thinning, I was lucky to get offered an entry position in the Research Department.
At the moment I am working on different projects related to changing oceanic conditions due to climate change or satellite data measurements of sea ice temperatures.

Susanne (26 years) - Climate-KIC

I got my job at Climate-KIC through an unsolicited application. I was mainly supporting the education pillar at Climate-KIC, preparing and executing the Climate-KIC’s summer schools, supporting with workshops, Climathons and many other, mainly administrative, tasks. The job itself was not directly relevant but Climate-KIC has a huge network of universities, cities, institutions and companies, so the job opens the possibility to get in contact with relevant stakeholders. I was extremely happy for the job and it was quite flexible.

Copenhagen Alumni for MSc of Climate Change

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