Copenhagen Alumni of MSc of Climate Change (COPACC) is the organization of current and former students of MSc. of Climate Change – Impacts, Mitigation and Adaptation (CCIMA).

COPACC was founded over the summer of 2014. The purposes of organizing the students are threefold:

First, we wish to promote the continued existence of CCIMA. CCIMA was started in the fall of 2013 with approximately 20 students from five nations enrolled. In 2014 around 30 students have been enrolled representing  13 countries. CCIMA has had a great start and we wish to ensure the future education of Danish and foreign students in the changing climate.

Second, we wish to further strengthen the student life of CCIMA students. By organizing the current and former students we wish to create a fun and rewarding student environment as well as a strong and mutually beneficial network for future alumni students. COPACC serves as a platform for communicating with the professors regarding complaints or lobbying for changes within the course. COPACC furthermore seeks to organize social events, as we are of the belief that a strong social community benefits the learning outcomes of the students.

Third, we wish to create a platform that assists CCIMA students in pursuing their career after finishing their studies. COPACC serves as a professional network, where current and former students can exchange experiences and advice for career options. COPACC is the official voice of the CCIMA students and graduates when communicating with external organizations.


MSc. Of Climate Change – Impacts, Mitigation and Adaptation  (CCIMA) is a two-year master programme at University of Copenhagen. It has been running since 2013, with approximately 50 students currently enrolled.

CCIMA is an interdisciplinary programme, which aims at introducing students to the far reaching causes and impacts of our globally changing climate. The programme is based on both natural and social science, and offers courses in climate modeling, climate economics, energy systems, etc.

CCIMA works together with a great many professors representing a variety of nationalities, faculties and disciplines. There are several IPCC Assessment Report authors among them.

Copenhagen Alumni for MSc of Climate Change

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