There’s so much going on! Both events organised by our COPACC members. And other events happening around town.

As an organisation we aim to schedule a number of events through the year that will keep members entertained, connected and engaged. So that means events like a Julefrokost party, a career day and guest lectures.

COPACC will also keep members up to date with the many activities, initiatives and events that are going on around Copenhagen. If it’s a big event, such as the People’s Climate March, then we’ll usually put the message out for a time and place to meet, so that we can attend as a COPACC crew!


Past events

People's Climate MarchOn September 21st we took to the streets to join the People's Climate March and do our bit to make this global movement the largest mobilisation the world has ever seen on climate change.  #WEARGREEN

We departed Copenhagen and headed to the island of Samsø to take a guided tour of the Energy Academy. We heared about their strategy to becoming free from fossil fuels and instead being powered 100 % by renewable energy by 2030. After the guided tour we stayed on the island for one night and threw a little mid semester party :)


Celebrate all things sustainable, be it food, fashion or design. The week long event is held in Nørrebrohallen and features concerts, children's entertainment, an exchange market, international cuisine and more! Check out their visit for more info - and remember that they are looking for volunteers at the moment!


This international and solutions orientated congress invites experts across disciplines to break down academic barriers and jumpstart a broader collaboration on sustainable solutions relevant for society. Also targeting businesses and policy makers, the congress aims to provide a platform for science-policy interface relevant for global challenges.


Join our annual Julefrokost, organized by the board of COPACC for all members!

Copenhagen Alumni for MSc of Climate Change

Institut for Geografi og Geologi
Københavns Universitet
Øster Voldgade 10
1350, København C.