Get involved

So many things are happening! The board has been preparing events and ideas for months now and we have loads of cool things planned. But its hard work and any helping hand will be happily welcomed!

If you wish to get involved, you are very welcome to join one of our working groups. We currently have four:

  • WGI: Running of the association
    This is where we manage the webpage, decide on fb-groups etc., and work with for instance the bylaws.
  • WGII: Academic, course and career events
    This is where we arrange joint participation in conferences, demonstrations and other course or career related events
  • WGIII: Social Events
    This is where we arrange stuff like the Julefrokost, Halloween Party, the Forest Trip, etc.
  • WGIV: Lobbyism
    This is where we arrange promotion of CCIMA, workshops on oral presentations, and what else we can think of that will promote CCIMA or the performance of CCIMA students.

Each WG will have meetings regularly, where everybody is free to join and give inputs. You decide yourself how much time or effort you want to put in to this work.

And how to sign up? It’s very simple. You simply use the contact formular here on this webpage and Emelie will make sure that you will be contacted by the chairman of the WG.

To volunteer in COPACC, you must be a COPACC member. If you are still not, please use the same contact formular to sign in. We charge a one-time-only fee of 50 DKK.

Becoming a member

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