Samsø trip

25. November 2016

We depart Copenhagen at 7am and head to the island of Samsø to take a guided tour of the Energy Academy.
Upon arrival on Samsø by ferry at around 10am, we will be welcomed at the Samsø Energy Academy, which apart from being the workplace of the staff, is a highly sustainable building with roof-integrated solar thermal and PV panels, rainwater collection and natural ventilation. We’ll hear about their strategy to becoming free from fossil fuels and instead being powered 100 % by renewable energy by 2030 and will hear a presentation on the processes behind Samsø’s 10-year transition as Denmark’s Renewable Energy Island. Afterwards we will visit the energy facilities, including district heating plants, wind turbines and solar power panels. The trip ends at Geocenter at 8pm. ALL FOR FREE!!!

Learn more about the energy academy here:


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